Patient with Reconstructed Charcot Feet


Pt presented with acute Lisfranc Charcot collapse w/ ulcer and acute OM in medial cuneiform.

We staged the procedures:

  • I&D with biopsy + cultures (6 wks oral antibiotics)
  • Mini rail application debridement and graft placement – 3 weeks later
  • Mini rail removal and debridement and graft – 4 weeks later
  • Triple arthrodesis, NC arthrodesis, Lisfranc arthrodesis, and TAL – 9 days later

WB xrays were taken 16 weeks after final surgery demonstrating mostly consolidated fusions

Obvious criticism is medial column beam should have been recessed further. Clinically the beam did not look proud but radiographically it does.

Extremity Medical has an excellent Charcot set with a beam and clip system. The clips straddle the beams where desired, and help prevent back out.

Note: this patient now has 2 reconstructed Charcot feet. The contralateral limb was reconstructed last year, & still healed. See post from 2/19/22