Bad Bunion and Metatarsus Adductus Deformity Correction


Metatarsus adductus + midfoot arthrosis in a healthy 58 yo female.

Patient presented with obvious bunion deformity, but also complained of a painful “bone spur” to the top of her foot.

MRI revealed DJD of 2nd and 3rd TMT , in addition to the angular deformity. Arthrodesis allowed angular correction, and definitive care for DJD.

We added PL to PB transfer to help reduce FF valgus prior to positioning the TMT’s, in this cavus foot deformity.

We started at the 3rd TMT, and worked our way medial. We used a modified Hintermann that allows external compression while we placed the dorsal locking plates at 2 and 3. This allowed us to forego compression screws.

Extremity Medical includes this device in their Omni set, standard.