Diabetic Conditions

Diabetic Conditions
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Diabetes can cause a variety of foot and ankle problems. Neuropathy (nerve disease), sores, severe deformity, and amputation is higher in patients with diabetes than any other groups of patients. Maybe the most important aspect of diabetic foot care is vigilance and awareness. Proper footwear and daily self examinations are crucial in preventing complications that stem from diabetes.

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Doctor Adams is a Fellowship Trained Foot and Ankle Surgeon who works closely with a wound care center to provide optimal diabetic foot care. He listens to his patients and will always go the extra mile to deliver the best results possible.


If you have complications with your feet due to your diabetes, and have questions or concerns, please feel free to call Doctor Adams at (317) 477-6683 or schedule a consultation online.

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Dr. Adams is a born and raised Hoosier. He attended Indiana University-Bloomington where he met his wife Allison. He got degrees in Nutrition Science, Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Adams then got his doctorate from Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine where he was a Dean’s List student. He then came back to Indianapolis to do his residency surgical training and was Chief resident. He stayed in Indianapolis and completed a specialty Fellowship focusing on Adult and Pediatric Reconstruction. During his Fellowship Dr. Adams helped launch the first foot and ankle dedicated surgical practice at Hancock Orthopedics, and has been employed there since.


Dr. Adams enjoys teaching as he helps educate and train the surgical residents at Community Health Network, and the Fellows at American Health Network. He actively participates in research and editing for national peer reviewed journals.

He is also a consultant for orthopedic device companies where he is afforded the opportunity to help train and design with other surgeons across the country.

Dr. Adams has special interests in the following areas:

Arthroscopic joint surgery
Minimally invasive calcaneal fracture repair
Flat foot reconstruction, adult and pediatric
Vitamin D and its correlation with bone healing
Cartilage restoration for the ankle joint
Regenerative medicine
5th Metatarsal fractures
Non-union revision surgery

Dr. Adams is a father of two and resides with his family in Fishers. He enjoys the short commute to Hancock Health in Greenfield.

William J.E. Adams, DPM CV (pdf)

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Charcot Arthropathy

Charcot, pronounced Shar-Koh, is a condition that is most commonly seen in our country in diabetics with severe numbness in their lower extremities. It can actually be observed in any patient that has numbness regardless of the etiology. There are phases to this disease that are extremely important to identify for both doctors and patients. When the disease is misidentified it has often been inappropriately diagnosed as an infection. Even on advanced imaging such as a MRI it will get mischaracterized as an infection as well. Patients usually presents with symptoms that are very similar to a soft tissue infection such as profound swelling, redness, warmth to touch, and sometimes pain. It can be associated with trauma to the affected foot.

Patients that develop Charcot usually have bounding pulses and absent hair growth to their foot. The skin will appear shiny, red, and often dry.


It is paramount the condition be treated in it’s acute stage to prevent the foot from collapsing long term. The joints of the foot can spontaneously collapse, fracture, and become severely deformed if not offloaded properly. This predisposes the patient to sores, and infections down the road.

Each case of Charcot is different – some cases need nothing further than a cast, or walking boot for immobilization for multiple months to allow the extremity to “cool down”, and consolidate. In other instances, surgery sometimes is necessary.

Regardless of what treatment path is utilized it is important for patients to know Charcot has a very high incidence of causing sores/ulcers, bone infection, and subsequent leg amputation. Identification and early treatment are paramount.

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