Calcaneus Fracture Fixed via Sinus Tarsi Approach


Intra-articular calcaneal fracture in a 27 yo male that was in a MVA. Pt broke his left wrist, sternum, and right calcaneus. Pt was referred for ORIF. He is a smoker but otherwise healthy.

Getting the tuber out of varus is always important. Using a large bicortical pin helps tremendously to exaggerate, distract, and rotate into valgus. Shenton’s line is nice to line up if possible. However, facet reduction is what matters most to limit arthrosis long term.

Arthrex Nanoscope allows some nice images to be captured during the case. @arthrexmeded

Having a dedicated console, and having images directly imported to an Ipad afterwards has been incredible for showing families images immediately following the case.