Bad Calcaneus Fracture Fixed through Small Incision


Reducing comminuted calcaneal fractures is always a challenge.

In this case a late 50s female, smoker, missed a step or two at church landing with force on her heel.

We used the @arthrexmeded 1.9mm Nano scope to debride the joint and assist reduction. A small locking plate, and FT screws were used for our fixation.

We have found using this tiny, pliable, sterile packed scope is more efficient than traditional arthroscopes, and due to size and flexibility less violating to the joint tissues.

Many patients go on to STJ arthrodesis after inevitable post traumatic arthritis ensues. However, a heel bone with good morphology is wonderfully more ample for long term success post fusion. Literature supports this.

Lastly, …lateral extensile is a paradise for complications.

“Michael P Clare, William E Lee III, Roy W Sanders
JBJS 87 (5), 963-973, 2005

Background: Nonoperative management of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures may result in malunion affecting the function of both the ankle and the subtalar joint. The purpose of this study was to report the intermediate to long-term results of a treatment protocol for calcaneal fracture malunions.

Conclusions: This treatment protocol proved to be effective in relieving pain, reestablishing a plantigrade foot, and improving patient function. Because of the difficulty we encountered in restoring the calcaneal height and the talocalcaneal relationship in this group of patients with a symptomatic calcaneal fracture malunion, we believe that patients with a displaced intra-articular calcaneal fracture may benefit from acute operative treatment.”