Painful Flat Foot, Ankle Instability and Bunion All Fixed in 1 Surgery


16 yo male that presented with complaints of sinus tarsi syndrome, 1st MTP pain with exercise, and chronic foot fatigue/pain. Not an athlete, but has part time job, and is good student.

This is patient’s left foot. Post-op films were taken full weight bearing at 10 weeks demonstrating union. He was actually seen today in clinic for his 10 week visit for his right foot – same procedures minus 1st metatarsal osteotomy.

Patient was so excited to be done with his surgeries/recovery he brought brand new, custom, Nike Blazers in the box to wear out of the office.

Note: cuneiform osteotomy slightly distal. Typically try and make osteotomy parallel to 2nd TMT.

We chose to use double osteotomy rather than trying to excessively plantarflex a Lapidus. Retaining motion in the younger surgical population always make sense if the articulations are not intrinsically pathologic, and in this instance specifically the 1st ray is not unstable.

Patient is very happy with outcome.

Extremity hardware and allografts used for correction.

Disclosure: I am an XM consultant.