Isolatted CC Arthrodesis and Large Non-United Anterior Process Fractures


An isolated CC arthrodesis is not a common procedure. However, in certain instances like large non-united anterior process fractures, it may be the best option. Fixating the CC whether isolated or not, can be a challenge. When performed in addition to a STJ and TN fusion, the fixation is probably less important due to the inherent stability afforded with the fixation of adjacent hindfoot joints. However, in the isolated scenario, fixation is crucial as the non-union rate is much higher. We have utilized a variety of constructs; staples, screws, small plates, headless beam screws from P to A, etc….We have found firsthand the IO Fix device by Extremity Medical not only allows exceptional compression, but also addresses the ever present hardware irritation concern in thinner patients. The intramedullary IO Fix device eliminates the concern for peroneal tendon irritation, and offers superior compression. It has been a great tool for this procedure.

Case examples show good union at 8+ wks from date of surgery.