Osteochondral Lesion of the Talus Repair in Young Female


19 yo falls off rope swing

1 year later still in pain….

Advanced imaging to eval quality of lesion

….Original ER plain film shows OLT

My rules for favoring open allograft vs scope microfracture are:

  • Talar shoulder lesions
  • Full thickness delamination apparent on MR
  • 11-12mm +
  • Depth is of concern

Patient also received direct ATF ligament repair with Fibertak suture anchors.

I like BioCartilage as it is half the cost of De Novo, BMAC included. You get the best of both worlds – host cells, and graft. It has been proven to have favorable MOCART scores, and robust thickness as compared to fibrocartilage, when looked at up to 19 months post-op.