Young Gymnast with Bad Ankle Injury Damaging Cartilage


15 yo female, competitive gymnast lands awkwardly tumbling. She is referred from urgent care.

MRI under-demonstrates amount of chondral damage & shows complete ATF tear.

Intra-op chondral lesion is found to be loose/unstable Measures 16mm A to P

Fragment is minced & mixed w/ BMAC & BioCart Fibrin glue sandwich is made

ATF is repaired with Fibertaks & IB — Care taken to avoid physis

8 months later patient is back tumbling at pre-injury levels & most importantly, no pain

Incredible to see the amount of incorporation on xrays from 1 wk post op to 6 months post op.

BioCart has good MOCART scores.
Fun to see on plain film as well.
Thankful to see this awesome young lady do so well and get back to gymnastics.