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Product description

Ped Pillows™ prefabricated orthotics are handcrafted in Eden Prairie, MN.

This insert is a half length device that is meant to fit in most shoes and boots, casual and dress. This particular orthotic is meant for people with neutral, to cavus/tall arched feet.
The insert is even more lightweight – but supportive. It is made from high quality materials. The sock liner that your shoes come with, should be removed prior to placing these inserts.

-Ped Pillows™ are made with the same unique materials that are used in our custom orthotics. A thin, Polypropylene shell is sandwiched between two layers of extremely soft cushion to provide excellent support and shock absorption.

These inserts work great toe treat the following conditions:
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Cavus Foot pain – tall arch pain
-Heel spurs
-Fat pad atrophy
-Knee pain
-Foot/leg fatigue
-Excessive Pronation
-Back pain

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