Tree Stand Fall Leads to Ankle Fracture Fixed with Ankle Arthroscopy and Titanium Plating


41 yo male fell from tree stand. It’s 🦌 hunting season in Indiana!
8-10ft fall. Axial force. Resulted in comminuted distal tib/medial mall fracture. Sustentaculum frx, and non displaced (not pictured navicular fracture).

-Used 2.7mm scope to clean out joint, inspect for loose bodies, and OCD’s.

-We did debride the joint for 30 minutes prior to ORIF.

-Small chondral fissure/damage found (pictured), and plenty of debris to remove.

– We used Hintermann to walk the fracture distal some. We collected some deltoid ligament and periosteum in tines. Fracture reduced well, and medial gutter was clean. Cleaning out the joint with a scope will help reduce post-operative stiffness.

Your results will vary.