Metatarsus Adductus Correction


57 yo female — well controlled DM-II. Non smoker.

CC of painful dorsal midfoot “bump”. Severe DJD of 2nd and 3rd TMTJ. 1st TMTJ was okay….No complaints regarding “bunion”. No hindfoot complaints despite skew foot.

Jigs are cute, but you truly just need your fulcrum death grip, and a compressor/distractor instrument to reduce the adducted mets.

Because the hintermann will hold static compression, it allows “hands free” fixation while simultaneously reducing & compressing joints so only a locking plate vs staple is needed.
We prefer locking plates for DM patients.


@extremitymedical has a beautiful hintermann that is free of charge in set, and uses track/dial to afford precision distraction vs compression and accommodates steinmann pins vs K-wires.