NC and TMT Arthrodesis (Midfoot Fusion)


The midfoot arthrodesis sometimes gets a bad rap…and there isnt a ton of literature on the NC arthrodesis specifically.

Regardless, in this 54 yo female factory worker her chronic midfoot arthrosis was under appreciated on plain film. After failing injections – some specifically aimed at diagnostically blocking the deep peroneal nerve with US guidance, and getting incomplete pain relief, she decided to proceed with a fusion after a MRI further delineated what all articulations were involved

At 12 wks she had nice unions. She was kept immobilized/NWB for 7 wks.

She is pain free and back to work. She is a smoker but stopped for surgery. She is non DM.

Our current fellow @dsved@indyfootandankle has assisted with some of the lit thats out. …. We used @extremitymedical hardware to build a low profile compressive construct.