Bunion Correction via Lapidus Procedure


We have such a funny dichotomy in our industry right now between the Lapidus and MIS bunionectomy. It seems many surgeons, industry reps, and even patients have such strong opinions on which method is best. I think in reality there will never be a “standard approach” for correcting painful hallux valgus deformities, ….as each patient and deformity is a little different. We’ve seen in our own practice that the Lapidus arthrodesis offers the attractive ability to help stabilize the medial arch of the foot.

In this case, a healthy 23 yo female had profound gastroc equinus, mild flexible flatfoot deformity, and a painful bunion. We utilized a small 2 incision Lapidus, and a Baumann gastroc recession. If you look close you can observe subtle improvement in the talar head coverage without any bony work at the hindfoot.
This patient was FWB in boot at 2 weeks.

The JFAS article here nicely demonstrated this….