Bad Bunion Correction with Great Toe Fusion


This 74 yo male we’ll call RB4 asked we post his pictures to our website and social media as he was thankfully thrilled with his result. Not a perfect result but we obliged.

He had his left foot “fixed” years ago, and after that “gave up” on foot surgery…. We are revising that side soon. It has a failed prosthesis and more.

His painful areas on the right were the 1st MTP, plantar 2nd MTP., and 2nd toe.

We utilized a 1st MTP arthrodesis , and a FHL transfer. His great toe was so contracted when we pulled it out of valgus he immediately developed a terrible flexion contracture. Transferring the FHL to the dorsum of the phalanx remedied this.

We then did a 2nd met head resection, FDL transfer, and PIPJ arthrodesis.

In the xrays and clinical pictures he is 10 wks post op, and doing well.

@extremitymedical hardware used!